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“I AM FREAKING OUT! I am near to bursting with excitement – all the education you have provided through the modules, support calls, secondary programs, mentoring, real-world examples, archives and social support has culminated to this Tipping Point. The point at which every nuance and nano detail of the training I’ve received here will allow me to launch a product that I had not even considered possible until I was able to submit to and even embrace the unknown potential of massive (MASSIVE) business success. Being able to open your eyes during the spinning confusion of disorientation around your product/service and then enjoy the spinning, live it, breath it, revel in it … I can’t even explain how essential that is to get clear, crystal clear on where you ‘should’ be versus where you ‘think’ you should be. Let’s go out and change the freakin’ world!”


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The industry is 99% bullshit, but 1% awesome. That 1% Is what we teach.

Once you understand how that 1% of this business model really works (versus how you’ve been taught it works), you’ll learn to earn like the 1%.


In all transparency, we think there are bigger & better things out there for you.


MUCH better.

MLM is only the beginning. A stepping stone to get you somewhere greater, doing something you REALLY feel called to do.

But for now, this is it.

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes mind-boggling. And sometimes overwhelming.

But that’s just because you’re missing the crucial pieces of the greater puzzle. Once you get those pieces? You’ll be unstoppable. But you need those, first.


The stuff you’re having trouble with now:

– mlm lead generation or getting leads (who aren’t family & friends giving you the stink eye),

– recruiting power players for your downline,

– actually picking up the phone without inducing an anxiety attack,

– feeling unsure of yourself, wondering if this is all a scam, and

– worrying you’re not actually cut out for any of it…

It isn’t impossible. In fact, It becomes almost effortless once you actually know what you’re doing.


Shall we get started, then?
(Yup. Let’s.)


Here at MLM Rehab, we aren’t here to sell you yet another pyramid scheme. We aren’t here to tell you the same bogus MLM tips you’ve already been told, like do 3-way phone calls to your warm market with your upline trainer. (Gag.) Or use the 3-foot rule with strangers. (Hint: You’re wasting your time.) Or pass out thousands of samples, sound like a broken record promoting the company’s website, find “business builders” or stick with “the system” for 5 years.

We’re here to help you learn how to do REAL business — the right way. Make REAL money — the better way. And experience REAL success — the smart way.

…Without having to do any of it the hard way.

Not ready yet? Wanna keep reading? By all means…


Things you should never have to do to sell your product or services — despite being taught to do it:

– Throw 14,001 home parties and hope and pray guests actually show up. This is torture — for you, and for them. We know you’ve got the best intentions, but this doesn’t work. Not to mention, you can’t afford free cocktails forever.

– Harass your friends, family, ex co-workers, in-laws, and/or the cashier at the grocery store. Soon, you’ll be joining the NFL club. No friends left. There IS a better way — and a way that doesn’t cost you the arm and the leg you’re imagining. Stick with us.

– Lead with the business opportunity instead of the actual products or services being offered. If you’ve ever felt a little cheesy doing that, guess what? It sounded just as cheesy as it felt. Fortunately, you can stop. We’ll show you a much better way that doesn’t just feel better––but works better, too.

Follow the 3-foot rule: Pitch everyone within 3 feet. (Bleck. Nothing comes across as more desperate — and desperation is never attractive.) Surely someone’s taught you this rule, and surely you’ve tried to follow it. But trust us, it isn’t smart and won’t help you.

– Feel pressured to attend every regional and national recruitment rallies — if you’ve been to these, you know that the focus is on flashy cars and $100,000 paychecks INSTEAD of giving you the training that you need to actually attain those things.

…and more.




Because these aren’t only outdated techniques, they flat out don’t work.
And they’re just as scammy as they feel.


Here at MLM Rehab, we’re wildly, obsessively passionate about ‘rehabilitating’ people who’ve been beating their head against the MLM wall for too long, hoping one fine day, if they kept at it, things would just magically ‘manifest’ into massive success.

We’re not saying you have to give up the MLM dream.

We get the appeal of it. We stuck to it ourselves like flies on honey for YEARS.

And while we wouldn’t change that for the world (because that’s what lead us to doing what we do now)…

We’re on a mission to tell the whole story about what that ‘dream’ really offers — and how to approach it in a more grounded and mature way that won’t leave you friendless and penniless, and might even lead to sustainable and realistic success.

Along the way, we’re also aiming to completely O-B-L-I-T-E-R-A-T-E the ick factor in MLM by getting to the heart of where the real value in MLM lies, which is in the opportunity to LEARN marketing and leadership, and then use those skills (in your MLM business and beyond) to enhance your own life and the lives of others.


Because Here’s The Truth:


MLM in and of itself… ekhh, not a great business model, except for founders of the the multi level marketing companies).

But for YOU?

It could be an avenue for making a respectable, healthy income selling products and services designed to dramatically change lives. But ONLY if you approach it NOT as a get-rich-quick scheme, but as a vehicle for learning skills that can help you build the mind and practices of a legit entrepreneur. Work hard to build those ‘muscles’ and you can create success in ANY business you believe in (whether its a multi level marketing company or perhaps even your own venture).

Let’s just remember:

The MLM industry has developed a bad rap for a reason. Too many trainers are wrongly teaching ineffective sales techniques — and perpetuating an ugly cycle.


We want to change that.
We ARE changing that.


For years we’ve been conducting intensive research in order to see what DOES work — and how we can help well-meaning individuals like yourself learn how to actually sell your product and experience success. The right way. The smart way. The effective way. The positive way.

With zero awkward, high-pressure arm-twisting involved.

And now, we’re teaching just that. (Lucky you!)

If you’re involved in any one of many multi level marketing companies — otherwise known as network marketing or direct sales businesses — you can turn this into a really lucrative career that you love.

The only caveat?

First, you’ve got to turn your techniques for mlm lead generation and sales into ones your customers (AND YOU) will love.


Welcome to MLM Rehab. Are You Addicted to the MLM Dream? You don’t have to give it up… but you can smarten it up.

“From DAY 1, you and your team have not only inspired me, but have changed the whole entire way I view my life. I’ve already been in the course for almost a year now and I can honestly say #1) I’ve developed a deep passion for MARKETING and #2) I’ve learned 100% more than I ever did during 2 expensive years spent at the university where I got my degree. And I’m still have a burning desire to learn more! You literally go above and beyond to explain your concepts and technology with full detail and amazing clarity. You’ve given me more than what I could have ever imagined from your program. You have a burning desire to help me and the other students explode our businesses, as well as our lives! I’m continually reaping benefits that are creating smiles, not only to my face, but also to the faces of the people that got me started on this journey, my parents. Keep it coming”


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